There is no greater time than now to Circulate the BLACK Dollar Among Black-Owned Businesses to Build Infrastructure and Wealth in the Black Community. Many people give great talking points, but you may hear more people asking about what the solutions are. Many think a huge cash infusion will settle the problems, however, cash alone won’t do it…

Let’s say all these uber-wealthy Black People with the cash and the power put up the money… Ask yourself, “Is there a solid infrastructure to support it?” Beyond funding, solutions are found also in planning, strategy, design, infrastructure, integration, implementation and deployment. As well, a culture of supporting our own, even through the rough times, is needed for sustainable growth and improvement.

For instance, along with shopping Black, as patrons, we all need the patience and support to allow our emerging Black Companies to improve as they grow instead of complaining and tearing them down. All other cultures allow their businesses this courtesy, and as a benefit from a collective effort, they pour more money into their communities to help them grow and improve. This leads to higher quality products and services catered to our unique needs as a culture of people. Although this will take time, discipline and focus, our collective efforts to work together will guarantee our success in growing to be stronger in the future.

Join CirculateBLACK today to start forging your own path.