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Meet the Nigerian Entrepreneur Who Creates Dark Skin Prosthetics For Black Amputees

Meet John Amanam, a Nigerian entrepreneur and the first African sculptor specializing in hyperrealistic prosthetics for Black amputees. With a bachelor's degree in Arts and fueled by a personal mission to address the lack of skin-tone-matching prosthetics in the market, Amanam founded his company Immortal Cosmetic Art Ltd.It all started when Amanam's family ordered a prosthesis from abroad for his brother who lost a limb in an accident, but it didn't match his skin color. Amanam, armed with a degree in fine and industrial arts, decided to create a prosthetic covering that matched his brother's brown skin.Turning a personal challenge into a career, Amanam now produces flesh covers for lost body parts, such as ears, noses, fingers, and breast forms, that especially match the skin color. He aims to provide comfort and boost the self-esteem of those who've experienced limb loss."It is important for comfort," Amanam told Afro News. "When you go out there and you find out people are looking at your hand -- possibly White on Black skin -- it could cause discomfort."Amanam takes pride in being the first to prioritize hyperrealism in prosthetics. He meticulously sculpts each item, ensuring veins and nails are visible, making them indistinguishable from real body parts."There's a difference between something being naturalistic and something being realistic," he said. "You could look at a leg, or a product that looks like a leg, and say, 'Yeah, this is a leg.' But you could look at the fake leg and say, 'Ah, this could [be real ].' The difference is not being able to differentiate which one is real and which one is not real."Despite the challenges of meeting high demands, Amanam's goal is to expand his company and make his products available across Africa. He stresses the importance of Africans addressing their problems and finding [...]

Black Teen Made History When He Became the Youngest Store Owner at a South Carolina Mall

In 2018, 19-year-old Jordan Jackson opened his retail store, Birch & Pen, at Northwoods Mall in North Charleston, South Carolina, becoming the youngest store owner in his town. Now, he organizes numerous pop-up markets featuring his own brand and other local small businesses.Ever since he realized his talent in styling and how he could make money from it, Jackson wanted to have his own business and be a "young boss." Before having his own store, he began by selling clothes via his online store where his fashion and design skills gained widespread recognition.With the help of his supportive mother, Keisha, he launched what was initially known as a clothing and accessories boutique that catered to both men's and women's high-fashion, trendy apparel.While at the mall, Jackson garnered awards and recognition for his achievements. However, after just one year, he decided to close the retail store emphasizing that this closure signifies not an end but a new beginning for a fresh idea."I was here to show you guys that it's possible to follow your dreams," Jackson told ABC News 4. "So definitely be sure and live your life unapologetically each and every day. This is not the end, this is only the beginning."Fast forward to a few years later, Jackson has teamed up with other businesses to open numerous pop-up markets in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. With his passion for design, he organizes inspiring lifestyle marketplaces that feature clothing, home decor, and food from his own brand as well as other local brands.Be sure to follow his brand on Instagram @BirchAndPen and his personal account @JordanJacksvn [...]

Founders of Black-Owned Watermelon Company in NYC Drive 16 Hours a Day to Get Fresh Produce

Meet the Founders of Black Seed Brothers, a popular Black-owned watermelon company in New York City that sells farm fresh, sweet watermelons with black seeds. They also sell fresh watermelon juice and smoothies that the locals rave about. To accomplish this, they have to travel up to 16 hours almost every day to bring freshly picked watermelons straight from farms in South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.These brothers, some related by blood and others just good friends, bring in up to 1,000 fresh melons every week from farms in the south, and people from all over the NYC area come to buy their watermelons, available in red and yellow.They sell watermelons with black seeds scattered through the juicy flesh, which packs more flavor and a better texture, unlike the typical seedless variety found in supermarkets. "Real black seeds from the dirt," said Johann, one of the brothers, according to The Curious Uptowner.Tyler, another member of the crew, adds, "When you see the black seeds, you know they're the original."What's more, they are teamed up with My Health Station, a Black-owned food truck business that provides nutritious meals and snacks, to offer fresh watermelon juices. They also deliver within the city via Uber Eats.Be sure to follow them on Instagram @BlackSeedBrothersAlso, you can support the business by visiting its location at 139th St. & Lenox Ave., New York, NY. [...]

Black Woman’s Line of Collard Greens and Chitterlings Spice Blends Now Available at Walmart

Meet Erica Gillespie, the visionary founder of Feisty Spices, a Black-owned line of savory spices and blends inspired by her culinary heritage that stretches from the kitchen of her Alabama grandmother to the cultural rhythms of Ghana. Her most popular products are the Collard Greens and Chitterlings spice blends, and all of her products are available for purchase at Walmart, Amazon, Grocery Outlet, and other local grocery stores.Based in Atlanta, Erica, who is a distant relative of jazz musician Dizzy Gillespie, began her culinary journey with a simple yet profound observation in her grandmother's kitchen, where an array of spices transformed meals into unforgettable experiences.Since its inception in 2020, Feisty Spices has transcended expectations. Starting with a modest $500 and a passionate dream, the brand almost immediately garnered attention and success. Just five months into its launch, Erica received her first $30K purchase order with a major grocery chain committing to distribute the brand to their locations across the U.S.With a passion for versatility and a commitment to offering her culture something different, Erica launched Feisty Spices, a brand that quickly became a kitchen essential nationwide. Rooted in tradition and innovation, her brand boasts unique blends that can be paired with any dish, setting the brand apart as the only one with access to these exclusive recipes."Feisty Spices isn't just a seasoning; it's a cultural necessity," Erica says. She believes that her spice blends are needed for the culture because of health concerns like heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure that are so prevalent. Several of her blends are low sodium, keto-friendly, and contain no MSG, providing healthier options without compromising on flavor. Feisty Spices can be purchased from Walmart Marketplace in the U.S. and Mexico, on Amazon Prime, and via its official website at FeistySpices.comThe brand is also available [...]

Rapper Slim Thug's Construction Company Continues to Build Affordable Housing Projects

Rapper Slim Thug, whose real name is Stayve Jerome Thomas, has been making waves outside the music scene as an entrepreneur and co-founder of Boss Life Construction. Since 2015, he has been dedicated to providing affordable housing options for the local Houston, Texas community.Slim Thug has often expressed his concern about the challenges people face because of gentrification, especially in his hometown of Houston, Texas. Rather than just talking about it, he decided to take action. He co-founded Boss Life Construction alongside Cory Crawford and Troy Green.Boss Life Construction has worked on several projects, such as duplexes and townhomes that are affordable without compromising quality. Its goal is to help make neighborhoods work for people of all incomes.Slim Thug's commitment to affordable housing was fueled in part by the recognition of his own day in Houston back in 2014. Inspired to do more for his city, he seized the opportunity provided by the Land Assemblage Redevelopment Authority (LARA) lots. These lots allow builders to get the land for as little as a dollar if they commit to constructing affordable homes."So, what we did was we got a couple of lots from them and built on that, but the deal is you gotta build an affordable home, and also if they qualify, we give them the down payment to move in and everything," Slim Thug said according to AfroTech.Learn more about his company via its official website at BossLifeConstruction.comAlso, be sure to follow the company on Instagram @BLConstruction [...]

(Black PR Wire) The National Trust for Historic Preservation announced today that the organization has completed the purchase of the Robert Smalls House from owners Billy and Paul Keyserling. The Smalls House is a National Historic Landmark in B [...]

(Black PR Wire) SAN ANTONIO, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- TOUCH, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance (TOUCHBBCA) is teaming up with the Bexa Equity Alliance (BEA) in a strategic partnership to change the game on breast cancer early detection for young Black [...]

(Black PR Wire) NYU’s Africa House, on Thursday, Dec. 14 at 6 p.m., will present a discussion about a developing program that is connecting African-American artists in a small city on the Delaware River with artists and foundational artistic an [...]

(Black PR Wire) Fort Lauderdale, FL – The Johnson C. Smith University Golden Bulls (7-3) of Charlotte, North Carolina will take on the Fort Valley State University Wildcats (7-3) of Fort Valley, Georgia at the Inaugural Annual Florida Beach Bowl. Bo [...]

(Black PR Wire) Los Angeles, California – ORO Impact, a social impact fintech company, has launched a revolutionary down payment assistance (DPA) platform that aims to transform homeownership throughout the United States. ORO Impact’s cus [...]

… , according to the latest U.S. census data, and the … the city was Black or African Americans, whose population grew by … govern differently.” The council’s longest-serving member, Noecker, … experience.”  Others echoed Johnson’s sentiment — and challenged the … [...]

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by Iman Milner December 8, 2023 The 49-year-old Ohio native spoke of her father Martin Pressley's struggle with drug addiction that often led to prison time. Democratic Rep. Ayanna Pressley and Sen. Peter Welch presented a new bill on Dec. 6 that, if … [...]

… framework for its new AP African American Studies course after months … Race Massacre, Black culture’s influence on film and sports … new outline for the AP African American studies course now includes … schools in the U.S. next year, but it’s unclear how … [...]

… U.S. high schools, updated the framework for its AP African American … banned teaching AP African American studies earlier this … analytical skills while examining African Americans’ wide-ranging experiences, … program manager of African American Studies in the … [...]

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